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Traditional Balinese Food

Serving Kauai's North Shore 

Our Menu

Fried noodles with green veggie, carrot, celery, garlic & sweet soy sauce.  (chicken, beef, pork, shrimp or tofu)

Beef with shallots, garlic, cilantro, red onion, tomato, cucumber, lime with savory


Yellow, Red or Green Curry,

with carrot, eggplant, string bean, coconut milk. (tofu, chicken or shrimp)

Kilauea mixed greens, mint, carrot, cucumber, avaocado

& wrapped with rice paper,

with savory sauce

Local long beans, galic, ginger, lemongrass, Hawaiian chili pepper, mixed with coconut milk

Chicken w/ Balinese sauce,

garnished with caffir lime and fried shallot

Beef and potato cooked with

savory Indonesian sauce

Pork, Beef or Chicken on a skewer served with homemade peanut sauce

Sticky rice flower, cocnut milk, sugar, salt & shredded coconut wrapped with banana leaf

Blended seafood on a skewer served with Balinese sauce

Fish (steamed), tomato, shallot, garlic and lemongrass wrapped in banana leaf

Fried soy beans with sweet

Balinese sauce

Rice noodles, peanut sauce, carrot, bean sprouts, green onion.  (shrimp, chicken or tofu)

Long beans, cabbage, bean sprouts, cucumber, topped with peanut sauce, garnished with tomato

Minced pork or chicken with cilantro, green onion, shallot tomato, caffir lime juice served with lettuce & sauce

Fresh fish cooked with tomato, garlic, Maui onion and lemongrass

Fried rice with egg, green onion, cabbage, carrot, garlic. (chicken, shrimp, pork or beef)

Peanut sauce, Hawaiian dried chili (very hot), sambal (hot), sweet chili sauce

Shredded local green papaya with tomato, garlic, lime and soy sauce.(option Hawaiian chili pepper)

Shrimp with tomato, red & green onion, garlic, lime, cilantro and olives

Warung Bali also makes wonderful soups, fried chicken, pork belly and many other flavorful dishes. 

All dishes come with spicey sambal on the side and you can request white or brown rice.